Google soon to warn you when your not safe online!

It may be news to a lot of you that Google announced some time ago that from the beginning of July 2108 they will be marking ALL websites that are not protected by a SSL Certificate as ‘Not Secure’ through their Chrome browser.

They are doing this to make it clear to website vis…

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What Google Analytics can do for you!

Many of you would be familiar with Google Analytics and if you’re not where have you been for the past 12 years? Yes, you read that right, 12 years! Google released its Analytics service back in November 2005 and it has since become the most widely used website statistics service…

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What is 'Digital Marketing'?

I can almost guarantee that some of you will be reading this now and thinking that the phrase 'Digital Marketing' is something that companies like us have created to make money.... Well, you’re partly right, but let me explain a bit about what it is first before we delve any deep…

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