Google soon to warn you when your not safe online!

Google soon to warn you when your not safe online!

It may be news to a lot of you that Google announced some time ago that from the beginning of July 2108 they will be marking ALL websites that are not protected by a SSL Certificate as ‘Not Secure’ through their Chrome browser.

They are doing this to make it clear to website visitors like yourselves that any information that you provide on a website is not always as secure as you would hope. Their ultimate aim? A more secure online experience for everyone.

Treatment of HTTP Pages

So what is an SSL Certificate?

A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a small file that is placed on the webserver and is the standard Security protocol for creating a secure encrypted link between the web server and your local browser. Once set up the URL protocol changes from HTTP to HTTPS. This secured connection will ensure that all the information that is passed between the browser and the web server is secure and kept private.

Why do websites need a SSL Certificate?

You have almost certainly heard of hackers and that they take advantage of security loopholes in web browsers and steal information such as credit card numbers, usernames & Passwords etc? Well, by creating a secure link between the browser and the web server, SSL Certificates help to reduce this level of cybercrime.

That is not the only reason a website should have one though. As well as protecting visitors information, SSL Certificates can also help to improve a websites Google search rankings as well and perhaps more importantly, it helps to build trust with the website users.

What needs to be done next?

If you are a website owner and you do not already have a security certificate installed then it is strongly advised that you look into getting one. We are always here to assist you should you need some help.

If you do not have a website but want to be sure that your information is safe, then make sure that keep a lookout in the address bar in Google Chrome and make sure that you do not fill in any online forms etc (don't give away any data) on a website that has the 'Not Secure' stamp.

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